Personalized Christmas Stockings for your pet!


Get a unique gift for your pet and support APAWS at the same time! Each stocking will contain toys and homemade treats for your pet. We are offering different stockings for small and large dogs, so please make the appropriate selection when you order. If you already have a stocking for your pet we are also offering all the goodies without the stocking!

The small dog stocking will have treats and toys sized for your small dog.

The large dog stocking will have treats and toys sized for your large dog.

The cat stocking will have cat toys and treats.

All stockings will be made to order. You can order online at our website or by giving this form to one of our volunteers.  We will accept orders until December 12, payment is due at the time the order is made.

Most of the foster animals in our group now will not find their forever home before the holidays. They will be spending the holidays with their foster parent. Our foster parents try to make this a special time, but it is difficult for the foster parents with multiple fosters. We also welcome donations to our fosters. Please view the Dog and Cat sections for a list of those animals available for adoption. When filling out the order form place the name of the foster you have chosen in the pet name section and select that it is a donation. If you don't want to choose just leave the name blank and let us know if you want it to go to a dog or cat. A donation not only makes a difference by helping us provide vet care, it also makes that foster feel special!

Stocking Delivery

Stockings will be available for pick-up at the Airline PetSmart during the Santa Paws event on December 18 & 19. If you prefer to have your stocking shipped an additional charge of $4.95 per stocking. Stockings will be shipped the weekend of December 18 & 19 via USPS Priority mail.