APAWS has dogs of all breeds and ages available for adoption. Although many people are drawn to a dog by appearance, the dog's personality is what makes him a good fit in your home. APAWS will work with you to make sure the dog you select will be happy with your family.

Adoption Process

  1. Select the dog you would like to add to your family.
  2. Fill out the Dog Adoption Application.
  3. An APAWS adoption conselor will review your application. During this time your references, including your vet reference, will be checked. This process rarely takes more than a couple days.
  4. Your adoption conselor will set up a meeting time for you to get your new dog.
  5. Give your new dog lots of love!

APAWS charges an adoption fee to help offset the veterinary care costs for the dog prior to adoption. The adoption fee, subject to change, is $150.00. This covers a heartworm test (over six months only), age appropriate shots, spay/neuter and a microchip with registration. Typically a dog's vet care extends beyond the adoption fee. Donations from the public allow us to charge this adoption fee instead of the actual cost of the vet care.

If you adopt a dog from any adoption partner at PetSmart you can receive a free New Dog Orientation. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics with your new dog to ease the transistion! Topics may vary but include potty and crate training, how to provide a happy homecoming, how to introduce your pet into your household, introduction to basic training and a Q/A session with the pet trainer. Please check with your local store for dates and times!

Adopting a Rescue Dog Front CoverThis free book guides you through the first seven days of Adopting a Shelter Dog. With seven simple lessons, the book helps you ease the transition from shelter life to home life for you and your pup. You can download your copy here.




Most of our available dogs can be found on petfinder. Please use the tool below to find your perfect canine companion.

Once you find a dog please fill out our online application to expedite the adoption process.

Updated July 9, 2014