98.05% of every dollar donated goes directly to animal care! Making the match between an animal and their forever home is what all of our volunteers hope for. We would like to share our recent success with you.
Adoptions year to date Adoptions in 2015
  Cats 2   Cats 20
  Dogs 13   Dogs 239

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We are proud to announce we raised enough to supply all of the St. George fire trucks with pet oxygen mask kits. We are currently working on supplying kits for Brownsfield (2 kits), Alsen (1 kit) and Chaneyville (2 kits).

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Our most recent special needs animal is featured here. For updates on other special needs animals go here.
Darryl was rescued in June 2014 by an APAWS volunteer. Darryl was in a puddle at Airline Hwy and Plank Rd unconscious and freezing cold. The volunteer brought him inside and began drying him with a hair dryer - Darryl regained consciousness! He was brought to the vet to be checked out - he seemed fine.

After several weeks his foster mom noticed several bumps under his skin.  They seemed to be making Darryl itchy and uncomfortable.  The vet removed some of the bumps and sent them to be tested at LSU. LSU said the bumps seemed to be fungal, but they weren't sure. Darryl formed more bumps and also had them removed - his illness was still a mystery to the vet!

Finally, the vet realized Darryl has a rare condition that usually affects dogs. Darryl has Pythiosis. It is a fungal infection caused by an animal coming into contact with infected stagnant water.  South Louisiana is one of the few places this infection can live in the water. We are now beginning treatment hoping to give Darryl every chance possible at a healthy life. It will be an uphill battle because this disease is often fatal, especially in cats. He had his first round of blood work April 8th in preparation to start the two medications recommended. The blood work and medications will be about $600. If you would like to donate for Darryl's care please visit this link.

We hope the disease was caught early enough and Darryl will live a healthy, happy, long life!