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If you would like to be part of APAWS please fill out a Volunteer Application (PDF file). If you would like to foster please fill out Dog Foster Application or a Cat Foster Application and return it to an APAWS representative or mail it to the following address:

P.O. Box 40981
Gateway Station
Baton Rouge, LA 70835

If you cannot help out in a volunteer capacity, APAWS is always in need of supplies for the animals. Check out our Wish List for the items most needed by our fosters.

Also, you can make online donations to help with the costs of medical care, food and supplies needed for the animals. Make a one time donation, or sign up for one of our yearly memberships in APAWS. All donations go directly to the care of the animals. Please lend a helping hand to the animals in our community.

Donations to Help the Animals
Yearly Memberships

One-Time Donation

$15.00 - year membership

$10.00 - year membership

$20.00 - year membership

$100.00 - year membership

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Volunteer application. If you do not already have Acrobat, you can download it for FREE from Adobe's website. Click here to go directly to the download page on their site.

If you would like to sponsor one of our animals please Contact Us, as there are several animals in our group that are in need of continous medical treatment. We care for dogs who are in need of heartworm treatment, cats with FIV and other medical conditions (including one kitten who has cerebellar hypoplasia, megacolon, and eyelid agenesis). The veterinary care we provide for these animals can make it very difficult to be able to take in other animals, but we feel that these animals deserve a fighting chance and a wonderful life. Please consider helping our special friends so we may give them and other animals who need help the medical care they deserve.

I would like to sponsor the vaccinations for an animal - $20.00

I would like to sponsor a heartworm test (dog) or FIV/FeLV test (cat) - $25.00

I would like to sponsor a spay/neuter for an animal - $35.00

I would like to sponsor the heartworm treatment for a dog - $250.00

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