Christmas Stocking Orders


Order your personalized Christmas stocking today!

The stockings are decorated by our volunteers with lots of love!

Stocking only - $5.00
Stocking with cat toys - $10.00
Stocking with small dog toys - $10.00
Stocking with large dog toys - $12.00
Cat toys only - $7.00
Small dog toys only - $7.00
Large dog toys only - $9.00


How to get your stocking

  • Pick-up at the PetSmart off of Siegen December 3rd, 10th and 17th.
  • Shipping is available for the stocking only (shipping the toys is too costly). Shipping is via USPS for $5.20 (Priority flate rate small box)
  • We are happy to deliver to Baton Rouge area businesses. We require a minimum of five stockings to deliver to a business. All deliveries will be made in the month of December.


  • Via
  • In person when you pick up your stocking (we can only accept cash or check in person)
  • By mail to PO Box 40981, Baton Rouge, LA 70835

If you have any questions please email us!

Two adopted APAWS kitties enjoying their stockings last year!



These are the images we have available. The images are listed in alphabetical order (except for dog and cat). If you would prefer something not listed please let us know and we will see if we can find it!
Animals Disney Christmas
  Bear   Aladdin & Jasmin   Angel
  Bird   Ariel   Santa on Sleigh
  Cat   Belle   Turtle Doves
  Deer   Belle & Beast Hanukkah
  Dog   Donald   Star of David
  Fish   Goofy Hello Kitty
  Frog   Jasmin   Cheerleader Hello Kitty
  Gecko   Mickey   Hello Kitty
  Jumping Bunny   Mickey & Minnie   Hello Kitty as a cat
  Mouse   Minnie   Hello Kitty as an Elf
  Snake   Pluto   Hello Kitty as a Reindeer
  Tiger   Pocahontas Sports
  Turtle Trucks   Baseball
  Wolf   Dump Truck   Basketball
      Tow Truck   Football
          Football Helmet
          Soccer Ball