Caesar - DSH Grey Tabby

One of our volunteers noticed a grey tabby in her neighborhood. He didn't come up to her and appeared well fed and healthy. Since most of her neighbors let their cats outside she figured he was an owned cat allowed to wander the neighborhood. After a year of seeing him on and off, he approached her one evening crying. His coat was rough and he had lost a lot of weight. She got him some food and he came right to her allowing her to pick him up. Many people leave their pets when they move to a new home assuming the pet will be able to 'fend for themself.' A statement that is very untrue for our domesticated animals. She brought him in and set him up in a crate, it is APAWS policy to separate new animals until vet care is received. She was able to secure the first available appointment for his checkup and neuter after the hold was up to make sure he didn't still have a family.

On the day of his appointment the vet called for authorization to perform further surgery. Caesar had been shot with a pellet gun in his side and the pellet needed to be removed. We can only speculate what this guy has been through, but it certainly wasn't good. He is a young cat, most likely around two years. In his short life he has been abandoned, shot and starved. He is now in the care of his foster mom as he gains weight and recovers from his surgery. He seems very happy to know that getting food is a daily occurance along with lots of cuddles and kisses. He is incredibly sweet and will make a great feline addition to any home.

Caesar looking for loves
After the surgery to remove the pellet
The pellet taken out of Caesar