MissyA police officer found Missy on the Mississippi River Bridge and brought her to APAWS. We immediately noticed that something was wrong with her leg. It sticks out behind her and she does not seem to have any control over it. At first we thought it was a birth defect; however, her first vet visit proved this to be untrue. MissyThe toes of her paw had been amputated when she was younger. The vet commented that whoever did the amputation did a wonderful job. Her leg sticks out because her knee was broken in a previous accident and Missy did not receive any vet care to set it correctly. She will be taken to an orthopedic specialist to find out if the leg can be repaired or if amputation is necessary.

Missy is about two years old and we believe she is a beagle mix. She is a little timid, but very sweet. She is adjusting well to her foster home and does not seem to be bothered by her injury.