Timmy - DSH Tuxedo

October 15, 2009 Update - His cast has been removed! He is having trouble walking on his rear leg because he is so used to walking with a cast. He may never be able to fully use his rear leg, but he is very sweet and loving!

September 24, 2009 Update - Timmy had his splint changed today. He only has two more splint changes and is doing extremely well. He is ready for the splint to be removed! He is extremely active and the splint is interfering with climbing the curtains.

Timmy was brought to a vet office after being hit by a car. Unfortunately the vet office didn't have the available room to house Timmy until Timmyhis injuries would heal. They contact APAWS to see if we could help, if we couldn't take Timmy in they were going to call animal control. Approximately 98% of all cats going into the East Baton Rouge Parish animal control are euthanised. Sick and injured animals are euthanised as soon as the stray hold is over (or immediately if they are an owner surrender). Knowing the fate that awaited him at animal control we decided to take him into our group. His leg is severely broken, but he doesn't appear to have any other injuries. He is in a foster home and receiving splint changes weekly. He is a very sweet boy who only wants to give loves and play.