Weeble was rescued from a military base when a woman witnessed several young boys beating her with sticks.Weeble She suffered permanent brain damage from the beating. Weeble is a little unsteady on her feet and bobs her head uncontrollably. Her vision is also impaired because it takes longer for the signals from her eyes to register in her brain. She was only 10 to 12 weeks when rescued. The vet discovered she had been shot with pellets in addition to being beaten in her short life. She has been on antibiotics and receiving supportive care for the past couple months. She is doing better, but will have permanent motor coordination issues due to her head injuries. Like most rescued animals she is very sweet and craves love even after such a rough start. She loves climbing into her foster mom's lap and being cuddled, she purrs like a motorboat whenever she is held. Weeble is a very unique and happy kitty who thinks she is completely normal!