WilsonSometimes black cats need us to be their good luck. Wilson is a stray that was found by an APAWS volunteer. He was brought into the vet after what was initially thought to be a bite wound on his head revealed a mass in his ear canal. When the wound was thought to be a bite wound he was treated with antibiotics and had his ear flushed. It was in this process that his foster mom discovered something in his ear canal. He was brought to the vet and had x-rays done which revealed a mass that appeared to be in the ear canal and possibly the salivary gland area. The initial vet stated he had not performed this type of surgery and it was very complicated. He suggested that we find a specialist to have the procedure done as Wilson would most likely have to have his ear canal removed.

The second veterinarian that treated Wilson confirmed that surgery was desperately needed and that most likely he would also lose his ear. A specialist was required and the surgery was estimated to be $1,800.00 which would be required up front due to the specialist being brought in to perform the surgery. Since the group has had several special needs animals that have required treatment we are currently in need of donations to help these animals. Because we were unsure if the total could be raised before the date that the surgery was scheduled the group contacted another clinic that has helped us with specialized surgeries in the past. We were able to schedule the surgery and have the tumor removed.

The vet initially did not believe that Wilson would be able to survive the surgery. He was amazed at Wilson's determination to live. Wilson came through the surgery and is doing well. His entire ear had to be removed. In the process of removing the tumor some nerve damage occurred as the tumor had grown into an area near the eye. Wilson's vision is not damaged, but now he is unable to blink one eye and will need to have medication to keep his eye moist. When the tests results came back it was discovered that the mass was a carcinoma. His veterinarian does believe that they were able to remove all of the mass, but there is no way to be 100% certain that a small amount could have been missed due to the extreme nature of the tumor. Even with this possibility his test results stated that the surgery most likely extended his life at a minimum of 2 to 4 years, but we are hoping he will be around much longer than that.

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