Yada was brought to APAWS infested with fleas. Her previous owner could not afford to treat her for the fleas and did not seek help until she was completely Yadainfested. Unfortunately her flea infestation not only caused her to lose most of her fur, but also made her very anemic. In addition to the flea infestation she was also infested with several types of intestinal worms. She also has demodex and yeast and bacterial infections of her skin. In addition to all of her medical problems she is also undernourished. It appears she was not fed regularly and ate several servings of food her first night. She is finally learning that a shortage of food will never be a problem again and now takes her time when eating.

Although she has gone severe abuse and neglect she is learning to trust humans. In the two weeks she has been with us she has grown a little fur, she no longer has any Yadaintestinal worms and is not anemic! Treating her severe skin infections will take a long time. We aren't sure of her breed so we must be very cautious when using medications. We fear she may be a breed that is intolerant to Ivermectin so her demodex must be treated with regular dips at the vet instead of the faster Ivermectin treatment. We are certain this young puppy would have died if she would have stayed in her former home another week.